IEI Industrial Panel PC, Medical PC, Mobile PC, Workstation

Panel PC, Workstation, mobile PC's with and without Touch, 4,3"/ 5"/ 5,7"/ 6,5"/ 7" 8"/ 8,4"/ 10,1"/ 10,4"/ 12,1"/ 15"/ 17" /19"/ 21,5"/ 22"/ 24" TFT LCD Panel, with passiv Backplane and or various SBC's for industrial, rugged application, mobile computing, Access Control,  Building Automation, Digital Signage, Medical.

IEI Panel PC Overview:

Light Industrial Panel PC

Heavy Industrial Panel PC

AFOLUX Panel PC, AFOLUX GENII Panel PC, AFOLUX GENIII Panel PC, 5,7", 7", 8", 8,4", 10,4", 12,1 ", 15", 17", 19" and W7", W10,2", W15", W17",W19", 21,5" TFT LCD and Touch Screen. Wireless LAN, Bluetooth.


Industrial Aluminum Panel PC: PPC-37 series (Slim type),
PPC-51 series (high performance),
PPC-F H81 Series (Intelligent PPC),
5,7", 7", 8,4", 10,4",12,1", 15" ,17",19", 21,5", 22", 24" with Intel i7, i5, i3, ATOM N2600, Core2 Duo or AMD Geode LX-800  (500 MHz) CPU, wireless LAN.

Industrial Workstation

Industrial Risc based PPC (HMI)

, Rackmount with or without Touch Screen.
RISC-based Panel PC , IOVU (Input and Output Viewer) series enables the great embedded flexibility.

Heavy Vertical Market PPC

Medical Panel PC

12", 15" ,19" 24" Industrial PPC series with its rugged system design grows to include new vertical market applications, such as: WiFi advanced PPC, Rugged IP67 PPC and UPS PPC. UPC, Marine PC and Sailor PC series.

17"~19" multi-functional panel PC with touchscreen, 10.4" Mobile Clinic Assistant is a compact tablet PC integrated with advanced data aqcuisition and wireless technologies

Mobile PC

Panel PC Accessories, Support

Tablet PC's, Industrial PDA Series and Automotive Products, IceCare, IceRock, IceFire, Modat Families

LCD Product Line: Industrial and Automation, POS, Digital Signage, Video Wall Controller, Embedded RISC Panel PC, Medical. Accessories: OS Support, Drives, UPS.


Mounting Technology: Vesa Mounting Standard: Stand, Wall, Chassis