MPI Technologies AG

Robust – Reliable – Competent – Reasonable

MPI Technologies AG is the leading solution provider and integrator of reliable hardware for more than 25 years.

We provide outstanding Computing-, Networking- and Display- Solutions tailored to the needs of our customers from a wide range of industries. Reliable Components round off our product portfolio

With maximum care and attention we evaluate our partners and the products we work with making sure we are able to support projects with most demanding technical requirements as well as very price sensitive applications.

We offer the full range from cost optimized solutions up to highest performance products with unique lifetime and warranty, 100% designed and produced in Switzerland  -  You have the choice!

You are looking for something which is not available on the market or you intend to procure higher integrated products? Contact us! We design and produce your innovative product idea within our Group of Companies.

We are proud of our our company, our customer projects and our system solutions!