OPTO22: I/O Systems, Int. Remote System, Energy Monitoring


Intelligent I/O Systems

Wired+Wireless monitoring unit for electrical panels, machines, and equipment:

The OptoEMU Sensor™ Energy Monitoring Unit monitors the electrical energy used in your facility and then delivers that data to online software applications and optionally control and business systems using your existing wired or wireless Ethernet network. The OptoEMU Sensor gives you the detailed, real-time data you need to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy costs.

You can view the real-time and historical energy data gathered by the OptoEMU Sensor online through a secure software service such as Pulse Energy or eSight. The OptoEMU Sensor sends energy data directly to the service you choose, and you can view and analyze the data from any authorized computer or mobile device.

SNAP PAC System—for a complete automation system,

IO4AB—intelligent remote I/O for Allen-Bradley industrial PLCs,

PC-Based I/O—distributed intelligence for PC-based control


Now you can have your Raspberry Pi...and industrial I/O, too!

Intelligent Remote Control Systems




Groove view Operator!

What is groov?

groov is a revolutionary new way to build, deploy, and view operator interfaces for virtually any automation system.


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