Networks, Communication

ORing: Industrial Network Products
MPL AG: Rugged Industrial Firewall /Router, 10GB and GigaBit Ethernet Switches, Media Converter
Diamond Systems: Industrial Ethernet Switches
iOTWav: Smart Streetlight Management System



Wide Range of Industrial Network Products


Rugged Industrial Firewall /Router, Ethernet Switches, Media Converter


ORing's product line consists of Industrial Ethernet Switches, PoE Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, Device Servers, Wireless Access Points, Cellular VPN Routers, USB-over-IP Servers, Accessories and the Network Management Software.

For industrial, rugged and Railway applications.

Software: Open Vision Pro (Powerful Network Managment Windows Utility).


Industrial Firewall / Router with Gigabit Switch. It is a Firewall, a VPN-Gateway, a Router, as well as an Ethernet Switch with your choice of copper and/or fiber ports.

10 GB and Gigabit Ethernet Switches (open Frame and boxed).

Ethernet Media Converter Copper to Fiber Optic.

Diamond Systems


Industrial Ethernet Switches

Smart Streetlight Management System

Managed 8/12/24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch, Copper twisted pair ports in the compact PC/104 form factor.
MIL Housing.

Wide Power Input: +5 to +36V DC/DC

Smart Streetlight Management System with/without Ambient-Lightsensor as Plugversion (NEMA-7) or AddOn/Box-Version