I/O Systems Products

Opto 22 manufactures controllers, I/O, solid-state relays, and software products that link electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices to networks and computers.Opto 22 products are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition.

If you're new to Opto, it's less confusing to start with one of these smaller product groups:

SNAP PAC System: for a complete automation system
IO4AB: intelligent remote I/O for Allen-Bradley industrial PLCs
PC-Based I/O: distributed intelligence for PC-based control

Groov: Intelligent Remote Control System


Snap I/O Configurator:

Analog, digital, & serial I/O; racks, processors, power supplies;

G4 I/O Modules:

G1 I/O Modules:

Controllers, adapter cards, and controller power supplies.

SNAP I/O Control System:

PC-Based I/O:

IO4AB, System for Allen Bradly PLC's:

Control, HMI, OPC, database, developer toolkits, integration

Groov,inteligent Remote System:

groov is Opto 22’s simple way to build, deploy, and view effective, scalable operator interfaces to monitor and control virtually all automation systems and equipment from mobile devices and computers.

OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Unit quickly and easily monitors the energy you use. You can see and analyze detailed data and use it in building and control systems to reduce energy costs.

Ethernet switches, terminals, fuses, DIN-rail kits, breakout boards

Solid State Relays:
We invented them, and ours are still the best.

Opto 22 shirts, flashlights, mugs, mouse pads, and posters