General Purpose LCD Modules

EA 4110:
3½-digit DVM, 3 display sizes, measurement input to ground possible

EA VK-1000:
3½-digit mini-DVM for 5V or 9V operation

EA 4011-ASBL:
3½-digit micro-DVM

EA 4080-1710:
9-segment LCD indicator with single-hole mounting 0..+1V

EA 2021-N:
6-digit miniature counter

EA 2070:
6 digit counter with EEPROM

EA 6533:
Frequency/period meter with RS-232 and LED lighting, autorange

EA 6110-FA:
4-digit frequency/revolutions counter, time base, 4 display sizes

Accessories for LCD Displays and Module

All bezels are available with an anti-glare screen. The bezels are simply inserted into the frontal cutout.

The data sheets / user manuals are written in german or in english as an .pdf file.
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