Dotmatrix LCD Displays

Standard modules

Chip-on-glass I2C

DIP Series

std_doma   T123-I2C   DIP
Standard Dotmatrix Displays, 1x8 to 16x40 Characters.   Very small and thin are the two new Chip-On-Glass 2x12 character diplays. Available in STN or in FSTN technology.   DIP modules are extremely compact: there is no PCB overhang, no drilled holes for assembly and no contact pads for connectors or cables. The viewing area is optimally sized and the large font makes reading easier.

DOGM modules

Dotmatrix with RS-232

Dynamic dotmatrix

DOGM   Serielle   DYN
The world’s first display series which will run on 3.3 V or 5V systems without auxiliary power.
Unlike normal LCD modules, you order the display and the corresponding backlight separately. This gives you a wealth of possible combinations.
  Dotmatrix Displays from 1x8 to 16x40 Characters with RS-232 Interface and optional 9-35V Power Supply.   Dynamic Dotmatrix Modules permit 4 different Font sizes to be displayed simultaneously.

Fixed-text displays




RS-232/RS-422 controllers

Festtext   Bezel   RS-232
All Fixed-Text Displays have an EEPROM on Board. Up to 64 single- or multi-page texts can be stored there and edited at any time.   All bezels are available with an anti-glare screen. The bezels are simply inserted into the frontal cutout.   If the data is to be transmitted serially (lack of ports, considerable distance), it is advisable to use an RS-232 interface.