HV Opto-Couplers

Opto-couplers are used as switches or isolated linear regulators.


How it works:

To create a high voltage (HV) opto-coupler, the transistor is replaced by a HV diode. Inside the opto-coupler, the diode is positioned so, that light from the LED is directed towards the diode junctions. The diode junctions are sensitive to light. The brighter the light, the higher the diode leakage current.



  • HV power supply designs
  • High isolation or remote sensing capabilities



  • High voltage operation
  • High isolation
  • Configurable as a current or voltage regulator



2.5kV OC025 data sheet - 2.5kV Opto-coupler - New!
10kV OC100 data sheet- 10kV Opto-coupler
10kV OC100G data sheet - 10kV Opto-coupler - High Gain
10kV OC100HG data sheet- 10kV Opto-coupler - Highest Gain
15kV OC150G data sheet- 15kV Opto-coupler - New!
25kV OC250 data sheet - 25kV Opto-coupler


New! 10kV Opto-diode - OZ 100SG Opto-diode Data Sheet

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