AC/AC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converter, UPS

For Industrial and rugged Application!

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PC/104 DC/DC Converter

AC/DC, DC/DC, Redundant Power Supplies, UPS

Jupiter JMM, PC/104 DC/DC Converter:

50 Watt DC/DC  Power Supply, Extended Temperature, 5V, +12V, -5V, -12V

25 Watt Low-Cost PC/104 DC/DC Power Supply, 7-30VDC input, +5VDC/5A output


DC/DC Converter Module and UPS Module,
Desktop AC/DC PS,
External POwer Supplies,
PC Medical Power Supplies,
Open Frame AC/DC PS,
Open Frame DC/DC PS,
1U/2U AC/DC Power Supply,
1U/2U DC/DC Power Supply,
PS/2 AC/DC Power Supplies,
PS/2 DC/DC Power Supplies,
Redundant Power Supplies





UPS-Module, UPS with Super Cap or Batteries, wide Temperature

DC/DC Converter up to 200 W, UPS with Supercap and Batteries

Bolero: UPS System for Rugged Embedded Computers
temperatures from -40°C to +60°C (*+75°C: Features:
Reverse polarity protection up to -36V,Load dump protection up to 150V,10Wh brown out protection

Spinal: Backup System for the rugged environment (with SuperCap),
Reverse polarity protection up to -60V,
Load dump protection up to 150V,
Over voltage protection up to 60V,
Brown out protection,
Extremely long lifetime 90000h / 500000 cycles,
Wide input voltage range 8V to 48V,
Wide temperature range -30°C to +65°C.

Standard Output PC/104 Size Power Supplies,
Input 6-40 VDC, outputs 3,3, 5, -5, 12, -12 VDC, 60,75,100,108 Watt,
up to 95% efficiency, heavy-duty transient protection,
and -40°C to 85°C extended temperature

Smart PC/104 Power Supplies:  The HESC (High Efficiency, Smart Charging) and HPSC (60,108, 160,203 Watt)
include smart charging circuits, paired with battery backup form a UP,
while TPS power supplies have the advanced power management functions but are not intended for charging.(35,75,85 Watt)

UPS-Modules, TPS1000, VxxSC-SER_UPS.