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Frequently Asked Questions:

Component Schematics,
Specifying an SSR,
Typical Applications for Solid State Relays,
What is an SSR?
Why use an SSR?
What are the part numbers for the Dual and Quad relays 4 pin header connectors?
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of Crydom Products.

Solid Statements Newsletters:

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SSR Installation Sheets:

DRS Series, DIN rail mountable socketsm, Crydom RHP Series, 3 Phase Hybrid Solid State Contactor, CKR family, CMR family.

Technical Tips:

How to Easily get an Accurate Analog Input Signal for your MC Series Controller, Selecting a Suitable Heatsink, Selecting a Solid State Relay, Crydom’s Solid State Relay ‘P’ Option for Overvoltage Protection, SSR - The inside story, Why use a Solid State Relay, How to verify the proper Heat Sink, DC Output Solid State Relays, Protection of Solid State Relay Circuits – Fuse Selection, How to test a Solid State Relay.

White Paper on SSR:

Heat Sink Selection, The Effect of Forced Air Cooling on Heat Sink Thermal Ratings, The Selection and use of Thermal Interface Material for Solid State Relay Applications, Crydom RHP Series, 3 Phase Hybrid Solid State Contactor.