Distributed I/O


ADLINK's Intelligent Remote Data Acquisition & Control Modules (NuDAM) are designed for data acquisition systems based on PCs and other processor based equipment with stadard serial I/O ports (RS-232 or RS-485 with autodirection control). The modules convert input/output signals to engineering units and transmit/receive, in ASCIII format, to/from any host computer with RS.232 or RS-485 port. NuDAM modules are the key components in flexible and cost effective remote data acquisition and control systems.

NuDAM Overview


Product Description
ND-6510 RS-422/RS-485 Repeater ND-6510
ND-6520 RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter ND-6520
ND-6530 USB to RS-422/RS-485 Converter ND-6530
ND-6531 Configurable Communication Controller ND-6531

Analog I/O

Product Description
ND-6013 3-CH RTD Input Module ND-6013
ND-6017 8-CH Analog Input Module ND-6017
ND-6018 8-CH Thermocouple Input Module ND-6018
ND-6021 Analog Output Module ND-6021
ND-6024 4-CH Analog Output Module ND-6024

Digital I/O

Product Description
ND-6050 Digital I/O Module ND-6050
ND-6052 Isolated Digital Input Module ND-6052
ND-6053 16-CH Digital Input Module ND-6053
ND-6054 Isolated Digital Input Module ND-6054
ND-6056 Isolated Digital Output Module ND-6056
ND-6058 28-CH PPI Module ND-6058
ND-6060 Relay Output & Digital Input Module ND-6060
ND-6063 8-CH Relay Output Module ND-6063
ND-6067 8-CH AC Relay Output Module ND-6067

Associated Software

NDS-DLL6 NuDAM library for Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP Software