EPIC SBC's by ADLINK, Diamond, IEI



ADLINK ReadyBoard 910

IEI NANO based on Intel® i//5/3, Intel® ATOM D525, D510, D2550, N2800,N2600, AMD LX800

ReadyBoard™ Single Board System by ADLINK. High Performance, Low Cost, Easy Interface in the EPIC form-factor. Available with Intel® Core™ i7/i5 SBCs with PC-style connectors in the new mid-sized EPIC (115 x 165 mm) form factor and PC/104-Plus expansion.


EPIC - NANO is to define a new industry open standard for small form factor embedded computer boards, called Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing? or EPIC. Single Board Computers with multiple I/O expansion options. Its size is midway between the industry standard PC/104 module and EBX board




EPIC Form-Factor Embedded-Ready Subsystem with Integrated Data Acquisition and Configurable CPU

Neptune on AMD G-T56N, T40N, both have data acquisition featuring 32 16-bit A/D with autocalibration, 4 12-bit D/A, 24 programmable digital I/O lines, 8 optically isolated inputs, 8 optically isolated outputs, and 2 counter/timers