MPL VCMA9, VCM332 Boards

MPL Modules based on ARM-, Motorola 68k Processors.

Form Factors:

Modules VCMA9: 90 mm x 100 mm x 8 mm,

VCM332: 95 x 69mm,


The VCMA9 is a highly integrated and robust Versatile Computer Module in a small form factor. The VCMA9 is based around a microcontoller using the sophisticated ARM920T core and additional implements a complete set of common system peripherals. Besides these features the VCMA9 offers Ethernet, CAN and DAC. As main memory up to 128MB SDRAM are available onboard

VCMA9, ARM9 Embedded SBC, low Power
VCMA9, ARM9 Embedded SBC, low Power

VCM332, High Performance SBC

MC68332 based SBC, 16,77 or 25,166 MHz, with SRAM, Flash, EEPROM, RTC, 2xRS232,

5V/140 mA 16,77MHz, 2 x 64 pin Connectors

End of Life!

VCM332 Module
VCM332 Module