Systems, Industrial PC's

Industrial Systems based on the following SBC's: 19" Systems, Boxed Systems, Custom Configured PC's, DIN / Rugged Sytems, I/O Systems, PC/104 Systems, Digital Signage Systems.

19" PC Systems

19" Chassis, Workstation various SBC's, and Accessories build, operating system installed and tested by MPI Technologies AG.


New: Rugged 19" Systems based son MPL PIP Family!

Standart 19" Systems  


Boxed, Cased PC's


Systems based on Intel CPU's  i7/i5/i3 (3rd, 4th, 5th 6th generation) Atom™ Baytrail E38xx,D2550/ N2600,  AMD Geode LX800, ARM CPU and many other CPU's, fanless embedded systems and forced air cooled systems.


Custom PC's, Systems

Custom and semicustom solution based on various chassis, cases, SBC,s ...



DIN, Rugged PC's

PIP stands for a compact, robust, low power, fanless, ready to use Industrial PC with a long term availability. DIN Rail or a Wall mounting.

CEC's are compact, rugged, very low power PC's, with a long term availability. DIN Rail or a Wall mounting.



I/O Sytems SNAP PAC System, for a complete automation system.
IO4AB intelligent remote I/O for Allen-Bradley industrial PLCs,
PC-Based I/O distributed intelligence for PC-based contro,
Groov-Intelligent Remote Control System

PC/104 Systems 

Systems built by  MPI based on AMPRO, Diamond and MPL Products.


Rugged Embedded Server MPL
MXCS: Rugged Embedded Server Solution

with fanless Intel® Xeon™ Processor
Video Wall Controller, Digital Signage Systems

Video Wall Controller (Full HD series, HDMI interface, Ultra HD Series),

Signage system
Entry Level, Mainstream

Video Capture Systems (HDMI, SDI, NTSC/PAL